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New CD's in Pre-Production!


Jon is currently working on 3 new cds and all are in various stages pre-production.


The Story So Far....Greatest Hits Volume 3

"It's a cleaning of the closet of a bunch of tunes I've had in the hopper for a while...a lot of tunes that go way back. I love these tunes and I'm definitely looking forward to having them finished and put to bed."


Peripheral Visionary Chronicles...Volume 1 (working title)

"This is a collaboration with a lot of friends who I respect and love making music with. Heavily influenced by Prog & Fusion..much less mainstream than "Story"."


Dreaming of Snow

"This one came from a decade of living in L.A. and craving a white Christmas"

Live Dates added!


Check out all of the current/upcoming gigs and tours for Jon Pyle.


Unless specified, all gigs are Jon Pyle & the Blacklight Syndicate shows.


Into The Woodshed
Online Guitar Conservatory


+ All of Jon's instructional videos

+ One-on-one Skype lessons with Jon

+ A huge repository of lesson pdf's personally written by JP

+ "Ask Your Local Nobody" - Individualized Q&A Youtube        video sessions


Everything you need to get started playing, take your playing to the next level, or fill in the gaps we all have and love/hate.


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