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All About Jon...
or at least more than you want to know...

Jon "JP" Pyle is a unique and talented  guitarist/composer who is forever a student of mastering his own style and finding his own voice. His use of abstract techniques and sonic textures give his style of playing and compositions an originality that has earned him a considerable regional fan base.


JP (born Jonathon Christopher Pyle in May 19, 1974 in Kirksville, MO USA) grew up in a small farming community in Missouri and began to teach himself how to play guitar at age 12. Influenced by artists ranging from Scott Henderson to angus young, JP began to develop a subtle complexity to his playing and tone. "The goal is to get into that zone as often as the soul of Derek, the balls of Zakk, and the freedom of Jimmy Herring...good goal huh?". JP continuously strives to be a true innovator of guitar performance. "Wayne Krantz changed my whole world man. I didn't know you could take the guitar and make sounds that are totally fresh and new. I'm forever in debt to Brett Garsed for turning me on to Wayne Krantz and Derek Trucks. My playing and composing completely changed course when I discovered these two guys." 


In the early '90's, while living and performing in Branson, MO, Jon was chosen to play guitar for Missouri's first ever All College Jazz Ensemble. While a part of this group Jon led his own jazz trio which entertained Presidents and world leaders including; President Clinton, President Bush, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, General Colin Powell, and Lt. Col. Ollie North, among others.


JP then proceeded to move to Los Angeles and graduate with a Bachelors Degree from the famed Musician's Institute. While there he was fortunate to study/perform/jam with many of his influences; Scott Henderson, Joe Diorrio, Paul Gilbert, Robben Ford, Zakk Wylde, George Lynch, Steve Lukather, Brett Garsed, Sid Jacobs, and many others. After MI Jon toured with The Edgar Winter Band.


While in L.A. Jon worked with several writing partners and had music placed in multitude of independent films. This led to him working with and recording with Australian Pop/Movie star Scott Brewer. One song Jon co-wrote with Scott for his cd "10 Minutes Later" was so well received it was released as a remix on Scott's next cd. This led to the song being released yet again in spanish for the latin community.


His playing captures the variety of emotions and moods of his artistry. He is recognized as an innovative performer and composer who embraces the advantages of modern technology and unorthodox harmonies while celebrating a gift for melody.


One of his trademarks: The “Alter-Plucking” technique is astonishing to hear. Says Pyle "there's nothing innovative about it...I stole it from Victor Wooten, just trying to figure out how to do on guitar what he does on bass". 


2024 will bring the first solo effort from Jon. Two with his band Jon Pyle & the Blacklight Syndicate. The working title is "The Story So Far...Greatest Hits Volume 3" contains all original tunes from Jon's previously unreleased back catalog.  


Jon has proven himself to be a top shelf visionary and is currently an artist for prs Guitars, FatBol Clothing, colby amplification, Red bear picks & divine noise cables.


JP is a rising star in the brotherhood of guitar. His unconventional music explores unexpected possibilities, deserving the attention of amateur and professional guitarists alike.

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