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Into The Woodshed  The World's Premier Online Guitar Conservatory

Music Sheets

Well, maybe not the world's premier guitar conservatory but it's definitely got a lot of stuff...because that's what the internet needs...another guitar teacher, another YouTube channel...hopefully you get something from JP's way of looking at and teaching's truly a language and it's not traditionally taught that way. It's taught as an athletic event and in the end we wonder why we don't have more musicians saying something worthwhile...we hope you agree and dig it!


Every month there will be new PDF's and Lesson videos for all levels...beginner to pro. These are designed to be a complete monthly lesson and will build on past lessons. Make sure you click Subscribe below to stay current with all of the YouTube offerings and catch all of the past Monthly Lessons.


All PDF's, past and present will be available for download. Use them to fill in your own practice schedule or combine them for full practice routines for your students. TONS OF GREAT INFO!!


Stay current with all Lesson videos, Gear demo videos, and "Ask Your Local Nobody" Q&A YouTube sessions. Click Subscribe below to follow Jon on YouTube. Catch all the current and past vids...lots of info and more than enough to get you through those long days at the office...

Want one-on-one lessons with Jon? People from all over have asked and now it's a reality. Send the webmaster a note in our Contact section and they will send you the details.


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